The lawyers and staff at Willey and Chamberlain are so thankful to our clients and their families, who have entrusted us to help them through what is usually one of the more difficult times in their lives.

We are thankful for our federal judges and their staffs, and — with just a few exceptions, our state court judges and staffs — who strive to always listen fairly and treat both lawyers and defendants with respect. We are thankful for our colleagues in the criminal defense bar, who prove every day that this profession is a noble one when done right and a vitally important cog in the machine of our justice system. We are even thankful for most of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle for their willingness to communicate with us in a way that does not make it awkward to live and work in the same small community, even as both sides fiercely advocate for its position.

I am thankful for our firm leaders, Chip Chamberlain and Larry Willey. Chip is a master of professionalism, negotiating and details of the law. Larry has an ability to immerse himself in the facts of a case and come out with a concise case theory that gets to the point and that he is able to communicate in a uniquely commonsense way. I continue to learn from Chip and Larry every day and I do not know what I would do without them, although I could do without Larry telling me how terrible my Denver Broncos are first thing every Monday morning.

I am thankful for Peter VanGelderen for his positive, can-do attitude and steady demeanor in even the most stressful or aggravating situations. I am thankful for Julia Kelly for her measured and confident approach to any problem. Both Peter and Julia are way cooler than I will ever be. And both are true believers in what we do and smart, zealous advocates.

Last but certainly not least, I am thankful for Tracy Evans, our long-time assistant. Her loyalty to the mission of the firm and to each of us as individuals is second to none. We would be lost without her.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!