Willey and Chamberlain is pleased to announce that Julia Kelly will be receiving the Grand Rapids Bar Association (GRBA) President’s Award. This award recognizes a GRBA member for special contributions in service and support to the GRBA Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and Executive Director.  The award is presented when the GRBA wishes to acknowledge and honor the contributions of a member whose service stands out.

The award is being presented to Julia due to her outstanding work as the co-chair of the GRBA/Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC) committee.  The GRBA/MIDC committee is tasked with providing continuing legal education for those taking court appointed criminal cases.  This year, to date, the GRBA/MIDC has offered nine continuing legal education presentations, totaling 13 hours of training for the criminal defense bar.

The GRBA/MIDC presentations have covered amendments to expungement, probation, and SORA statutes.  The presentations have featured judges talk about courtroom technology.  Other topics have included expert witnesses, scientific evidence, cross examination, and representing the licensed client.  The presentations have been well attended (around 60-80 participants per session) and have been well received.

Julia works tirelessly to ensure high quality programming is available to MIDC participants in our area.  She is very deserving of this award and we are so proud of her.  The award will be presented to her at the GRBA/Justice Foundation of West Michigan The Bar’s Got Talent virtual event on May 13, 2021.  Please join us in congratulating Julia.