Suffering a criminal conviction for a traffic offense results in too many people unnecessarily being subject to arrest, jail and a criminal record.  Recent changes to the law will help prevent this.

Effective October 1, 2021, there are a number of new statutes that reclassify certain traffic misdemeanors as civil infractions so that people are not subject to arrest, jail and criminal records for these offenses.  The newly classified offenses are:

257.239        Failing or neglecting to properly endorse or deliver title

257.312a       Operating a motorcycle without motorcycle endorsement

257.325        Allowing unauthorized minor to drive

257.624b       Transferring title to avoid MIP impoundment

257.677a       Improper removal of snow/ice on shoulder or roadway

257.682c       Operating snow removal without proper lights

257.698        Miscellaneous offenses relating to vehicle lighting

257.707c       Miscellaneous offenses relating to vehicle noise

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