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Law Clerk Emily Wiltz Debriefs on Her Summer at W&C

By August 12, 2022News

By Emily Wiltz

I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing defense attorneys here at Willey & Chamberlain for the past few summers now. Words cannot describe how in awe I am of the talent and compassion all six attorneys exemplify every day. I am so grateful that everyone has been vested in making sure I can get as much out of this experience as possible. As a second-year law student, I have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience working alongside Chip, Larry, Peter, Britt, Julia, and Brian. Here are some highlights I want to share some from this summer!

I have vastly improved my ability to conduct legal research pertaining to specific client issues. The constant feedback and support have been enormously beneficial in refining my skills as a future attorney. I have conducted legal research on issues ranging from probable cause in police traffic stops to criminal sexual assault allegations.  I got to put some of my research to the test by drafting writing samples, as well. From Willey & Chamberlain, I will have produced at least one legal writing sample to put in my portfolio.

The attorneys often included me in meetings and discussions directly with clients where they encouraged me to observe, learn, and even articulate my own thoughts and opinions.  But perhaps my favorite part of this summer has been attending trial with Peter. Watching him work in the courtroom in front of a jury was invaluable. All I could think is that one day, I hope to be THAT good.

I am beyond grateful for my mentors at Willey & Chamberlain.