The United States and the State of Michigan have many laws and regulations — and an equal number of designated offenses for those who are charged with violating these laws. As the law continues to become more complex, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain must continually stay ahead of new and changing criminal charges in a wide range of additional practice areas.

In addition to specializing in white collar crime, health care fraud, tax crimes, drunk driving offenses and appeals, our attorneys can provide quality representation for violent crimes, domestic abuse, warrants, fraud and immigration consequence issues.

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If you have been charged with a crime, you need aggressive, effective and efficient representation dedicated to protecting your rights and interests at every stage of your case. The experienced attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain will effectively support you from the grand jury investigation through an appeal, if necessary.

For more information about how to defend against any of the additional offenses mentioned above, or to learn more about the experienced and trusted criminal defense attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain, contact us here or call our office directly at 616.458.2212.­­

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