In cases where time has passed since an unsatisfactory trial, plea or sentencing hearing, there may still be an opportunity to raise legal issues even if an appeal can no longer be pursued. The appeals and post conviction attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain know firsthand that such challenges take various forms and are often described as collateral review or post conviction relief.

If you are dissatisfied with your conviction or your sentence — no matter how much time has passed since your case ended — you should discuss your concerns with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Willey & Chamberlain to determine whether there is any legal basis for a challenge.

We can handle appeals on older cases

The experienced appeals and post conviction attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain strive to be efficient and cost-conscious, while never sacrificing the quality of our defense services.  We truly care about your future — no matter how old your conviction may be.

If you need assistance with an appeal or post conviction matter, you need aggressive, effective and efficient representation dedicated to maximizing your chances for success.

For more information about how to proceed with your appeal or post conviction issue, or to learn more about the experienced and trusted appeal and post conviction attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain, contact us here or call our office directly at 616.458.2212.­­

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