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As one of Michigan’s most respected criminal defense firms, Willey & Chamberlain provides aggressive, experienced, legal representation to people facing criminal charges in state and federal courts.

People First

Our clients typically come to us at a critical time in their lives—as the result of a misstep, addiction, or bad decision. Our goal is two-fold—first, to bring expert legal counsel to help them limit their legal exposure and, at the same time, to connect them with professional resources to minimize future problems and help them get on with life.

Criminal Defense Specialists

We’re one of Michigan’s premier criminal defense teams—bringing 100+ years of combined success defending clients facing everything from federal drug or gun charges to highly complex, white-collar crimes—fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and more. Every attorney in our firm is a criminal defense specialist, giving us the flexibility to bring the right specialist or a focused team to your case.

Winning Advocacy

We’ve earned national recognition for our counsel in criminal defense cases. Our success in litigation and our strong affiliations in the legal community are why so much of our work comes through referrals from people we’ve served across the country and from colleagues in the legal community seeking the best counsel for their clients, family, and friends.

Talk with Us

At times of uncertainty, you can rely on us to be right alongside you. We answer calls. We stay in touch. We keep clients well-informed about what’s happening and what’s next. Give us a call at 616.458.2212  or email to learn how we can help you.

“Thank you for your help guiding me through a crucial issue in my life. You honored me with your dedication to the details of my case with such caring attention and sincere advice.”

We Understand

The expense of legal help can vary based on individual circumstances and the type of case. We understand that costs can be an added stressor at an already stressful time. Please reach out to find out how we can help you.

Larry Willey attorney

Larry C. Willey

April 24, 2020

Charles Chamberlain - attorney Grand Rapids

Charles E. Chamberlain

April 24, 2020

Britt Cobb lawyer

Britt Morton Cobb

April 24, 2020

Peter Vangelderen - lawyer

Peter VanGelderen

April 24, 2020

Julia Anne Kelly - lawyer

Julia Anne Kelly

April 24, 2020

Tracy Evans - paralegal

Tracy Evans

April 24, 2020