Commonly referred to as drunk driving or DUI, operating while intoxicated (OWI) comes in many varieties in Michigan. Each separate OWI offense carries with it a criminal penalty and a driver’s license sanction from the Michigan Secretary of State.

Defending a drunk driving offense may feel hopeless, but it is not. The experienced OWI attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain will closely examine potential Constitutional violations or the misapplication of field sobriety testing by the arresting officer to determine what, if any, defenses are available to the client. With effective advocacy, many concerns with drunk driving offenses may be minimized or eliminated altogether through plea reductions, motions or a trial.

For many, the loss of a driver’s license is the most significant penalty resulting from a drunk driving charge. Whether it is a restricted license, suspension or a revocation, the driver’s license penalties stemming from a drunk driving conviction can be crippling for a client. For some offenses, the driver will go without any license for a specified period of time while for others there will be permitted use of the license with restrictions. The licensing action for an OWI offense is determined by the Secretary of State, — not local courts — and is based on the offense of conviction. It is important to aggressively challenge the criminal charge to control the potential licensing consequences for a client.

In certain situations a driver may face an implied consent violation for refusing to take a breath test following arrest by law enforcement. This will result in a year suspension of the driving privilege. By acting quickly, an implied consent violation can be challenged with the Secretary of State, or, if necessary, appealed to the circuit court if a hardship exists for the client.

While these offenses may appear routine, drunk driving cases are never routine to our clients facing criminal penalties and license sanctions. The DUI attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain have the expertise to handle every aspect of a drunk driving offense.

If you are facing charges for a drunk driving charge, you need aggressive, effective and efficient representation dedicated to protecting your rights and interests at every stage of your case. The experienced drunk driving attorneys at Willey & Chamberlain will effectively support you from the grand jury investigation through an appeal.

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